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As a client of Behind Closed Doors, the premier escort agency operating across Europe, you have access to pleasures and experiences beyond imagination. Yet little is known about the inner workings of such a high-end agency or the lives of their escorts. For the first time, BCD has granted exclusive access to their operations and escorts to provide you with a glimpse into the secretive world of elite companionship.

Over the following pages, you will journey into the lavish lifestyle of BCD's escorts and learn what it takes to succeed in such a competitive field. Interviews with escorts currently employed by BCD reveal the sacrifices and dedication required to reach the pinnacle of their profession. You will also discover how BCD maintains the confidentiality and discretion for which they have become renowned.

This rare, in-depth look into the exclusive domain of luxury escorts is designed to provide a new appreciation for the art of elite companionship and a recognition of the tremendous effort behind every encounter. Welcome to the inner sanctum of BCD Escorts. The world's most discerning gentlemen are about to get intimate with the secrets behind the seduction.

What Really Goes on Behind Closed Doors

As an escort at Behind Closed Doors, your role is to provide companionship and entertainment for clients. However, there are many misconceptions about what really happens behind the scenes.

  • Escorts do not engage in sexual acts. We provide an upscale dating experience with intimate conversation, dining, and dancing if desired. All interactions remain platonic.Extensive training and background checks are required. Escorts go through a vetting process that includes ID verification, reference checks, and training on etiquette, confidentiality, and security protocols.Client confidentiality and discretion are paramount. We do not disclose details about clients or the specifics of any engagements to third parties. Escorts and clients alike value privacy.Safety is a top priority. We have strict security procedures in place for the protection of both escorts and clients. Escorts always have the right to leave any engagement in which they feel unsafe.Escorts can choose their own clients and hours. As independent contractors, escorts have flexibility in their schedules and the clients they wish to see. They are never obligated to any client or required to do anything they are uncomfortable with.

While the lifestyle of a high-end escort seems lavish and adventurous, the reality involves dedication, professionalism, and sacrifice. However, for those suited to this line of work, it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. The opportunity to accompany interesting people, attend exclusive events, and travel in style is appealing to many. But ultimately, success as an escort comes down to a genuine enjoyment of conversation, cultured experiences, and bringing delight to others.

The Truth About Life as a BCD Escort

As an escort with Behind Closed Doors (BCD), your life will differ greatly from a typical 9 to 5 job. While potentially lucrative, the work can be demanding and isolating. It’s important to understand the realities of the role before pursuing this career path.

    Hours can be long and unpredictable. You may be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate client requests, especially when first starting out. Over time, as you build up a steady client base, you can establish more defined hours.There is little job security. Work is often temporary or short-term, based on client bookings. Periods of little to no work can occur, impacting your income. You must develop a sizeable list of regular clients and good relationships to establish stability.Safety and privacy are ongoing concerns. Discretion is paramount to protect your identity and personal life. Strict screening of new clients, checking client references and records, and taking security precautions are a must. Meetings should occur in reputable hotels or your own upscale residence.Isolation and lack of workplace social interaction. As an independent contractor working alone, you miss out on the social connections found in a traditional work environment. Strong self- motivation and discipline are required to thrive in this solitary line of work.

While the lifestyle of a BCD escort is not for everyone, for those able to manage its challenges, it can be a lucrative and flexible career. Going in with realistic expectations about what the role truly entails will help ensure a positive experience as one of London’s most elite escorts.

FAQs: Your Questions About Behind Closed Doors Escorts Answered

What types of escorts work for Behind Closed Doors?

Behind Closed Doors employs escorts of all genders, backgrounds, and specialties to suit any client's needs or desires. Our discreet, professional escorts provide companionship for all occasions, from intimate evenings in to social engagements and corporate events.

What services do the escorts offer?

The services offered depend on the individual escort and their areas of expertise. Some offer traditional companionship and intimacy, while others focus on niche interests like role play, fantasy fulfilment, or fetish scenarios. Escorts set their own limits and boundaries for the services they provide in consultation with clients. At a minimum, all escorts offer engaging conversation, flirtation, and discretion.

How are the escorts screened?

Behind Closed Doors conducts extensive screening of all escorts before hiring to ensure the safety, security and satisfaction of our clients. Screening includes:

  • Background checks
  • Verification of identification and credentialsMultiple reference checks from previous employersIn-person interviews to assess interpersonal skills and suitability for the roleRegular health and safety screenings once hired

Our screening process allows us to recruit only the most qualified, trustworthy escorts to join our discreet network. Clients can book with confidence knowing all escorts meet our high standards.

How much do the escorts cost?

Escort rates vary depending on the individual escort, their experience, the services requested, and other factors. Clients can expect to pay between $200 to $500 per hour for time with an escort. Specialty or niche services may be at a premium. We aim for our rates to suit all budgets while still reflecting the exceptional quality of our escorts. New and returning clients should inquire about current rates when booking an escort.


You now have a glimpse into the secret world of Behind Closed Doors escorts and the inner workings of their exclusive agency. While their lavish lifestyle and hefty paychecks may seem glamorous, it requires an enormous amount of work, skill, and dedication to succeed in this competitive field. The escorts and staff pour their heart and soul into creating memorable, tailored experiences for each client. However, at the end of the day, they are real people with real lives outside of work. Though shrouded in mystery, BCD escorts are complex, multi-dimensional human beings just like anyone else. They have hopes, dreams, struggles and triumphs - they just happen to have an unusually interesting occupation. The next time you see one of their billboards or ads, remember there are real stories and real people behind the scenes.

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